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LLOG Exploration

Company Summary


One of the largest U.S. domestic, private oil and gas companies focused on exploration and development in the deep water Gulf of Mexico. LLOG holds interest in over 120 blocks (80% undeveloped) in the Gulf of Mexico, with predominant areas of value in Mississippi Canyon, Green Canyon, and South Timbalier. LLOG Exploration is privately-owned and headquartered in Covington, Louisiana with offices in both Scott, Louisiana and Houston, Texas.


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Company Transactions

Date: 7/30/2020
Type: Acquisition

Navitas Petroleum cited that Blackstone Group signed a prelim deal to boost its stake in a Gulf of Mexico drilling project from 16% to 47%. The Shenandoah Discovery began as a partnership between Navitas, LLOG and Blackstone's Beacon Offshore Energy and it holds an estimated 431 million barrels of oil reserves. Blackstone will buy LLOG's 31% position in the $250 million project through Beacon while Navitas retains its 53% stake. First oil is planned for 2024.
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Date: 1/1/2019
    Type: Acquisition


    COST: 1.375 $B

    VOLUMES: 38 MBOE/d

    Murphy Oil entered into a definitive agreement to acquire deep water Gulf of Mexico assets from LLOG Exploration Offshore and LLOG Bluewater Holdings for $1.375 billion.