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EQM Midstream Raises Estimated Cost, Delays Timing of Mountain Valley Natural Gas Pipeline 6/17/2019

EQM Midstream raised the estimated cost of its Mountain Valley natural gas pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia from $4.6 billion to $4.8 - $5.0 billion and delayed its projected completion from 4Q19 to mid-2020 due to ongoing legal and regulatory issues. The comments came in a FERC filing in which the Company stated it had submitted a land exchange proposal to the federal government in an effort to enable the pipe to cross the Appalachian Trail. The Company's land exchange proposal would grant the federal government full ownership of private land crossed by the Appalachian Trail, including certain private land located adjacent to the Jefferson National Forest. The government would then grant Mountain Valley a right-of-way to cross the trail utilizing the pipeline's previously planned underground method at an existing crossing location approved by FERC in 2017.

Howard Energy Partners Completes Expansion of Port Arthur and Corpus Christi Bulk Liquids Terminals; Gulf Coast Storage Capacity Rises to 2.6 MMbbls 6/14/2019

Howard Energy reported the expansion of its bulk liquids terminal facilities in Port Arthur and Corpus Christi, Texas is now complete. The completion of these projects increases HEP's Gulf Coast terminal storage capacity to 2.6 MMbbls with three ship docks, three barge docks, unit train loading capacity for up to two trains per day, and direct pipeline connectivity through wholly-owned pipelines to seven refineries.

The Port Arthur facility now contains 16 tanks with 1.35 MMbbls of storage capacity. Howard Energy Partners is now able to blend gasoline with up to six separate components at delivery rates of up to 40 Mbbls/Hr, meeting specific regional and international quality specifications. Customers can now optimize the value of the molecules specific to each market.

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