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Tellurian Chairman Comments on Recent Land Deal, Discussing $7B in Financing with Banks Next Week 4/11/2023

Tellurian Executive Chairman Charif Souki recently published a two-minute video discussing the firms recent $1 billion leaseback agreement that was announced last week.  Tellurian is leasing back the land for a 40-year period, and it will cost them approximately $0.15-0.18/Mmbtu which will be classified as operations and maintenance costs.  

Souki also added that Tellurian will be talking with eight banks in New York next week, and they are "highly confident" that they will be able to secure $7 billion in financing from the group.   The initial phase of Driftwood will cost $13 billion, so if Tellurian will need to find a way to fund the remaining $3-4 billion.  They will look towards counterparty investments to make this happen or from their own internal resources in the next 3-4 years.

Battalion Oil Reports 4Q22 Production of 15.7 Mboe/d; Down from 4Q21 Volumes of 17.3 Mboe/d 4/3/2023

Battalion Oil reported 4Q22 net production of 15.7 Mboe/d (51% oil), which was down from 4Q21 output of 17.3 Mboe/d (50% oil.)

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