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Fermaca's Villa de Reyes – Aguascalientes –Guadalajara Natural Gas Pipeline Reportedly Began Service in June 2020 (No EBB Data Posted Yet) 7/8/2020

According to the EIA, Fermaca's 0.89 Bcf/d Villa de Reyes–Aguascalientes–Guadalajara Natural Gas Pipeline began commercial operations in June 2020.  The pipe is the final leg of the "Wahalajara System" which allows for gas supply in Waha to reach Mexican demand centers in west-central Mexico.  

However, the Fermaca EBB has yet to show updated flow nominations on the new segment.  We will keep track of the system for any material changes.

Matador Resources Expecting $44MM Realized Gain on Derivatives for 2Q20; Unrealized Losses of $133MM 7/8/2020

Matador Resources is expecting to book a second-quarter 2020 realized net gain on derivatives of $44.1 million, including $41.9 million in WTI hedges and $2.2 million in Midland-Cushing oil basis swaps.  

However, they also expect to book a non-cash, unrealized net loss on derivatives of $132.7 million for the quarter.  

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