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Matterhorn Express Reaches FID 5/19/2022

The Matterhorn Express is a proposed natural gas pipeline that will ship upwards of 2.5 Bcf/d of gas from Waha, Texas to pipelines around the Katy Texas Hub.  The project is a joint effort between Whitewater, Devon, Enlink and MPLX.  

Supply for the Matterhorn Express Pipeline will be sourced from multiple upstream connections in the Permian Basin, including direct connections to processing facilities in the Midland Basin through an approximately 75-mile lateral, as well as a direct connection to the 3.2 Bcf/d Agua Blanca Pipeline, a joint venture between WhiteWater and MPLX.

The Matterhorn Express Pipeline is expected to be in service in the third quarter of 2024, pending the receipt of customary regulatory and other approvals.


Tallgrass Plans to Convert ~400 Mile Natural Gas Pipeline into CO2; Agrees to Transport CO2 from ADM's Complex 5/18/2022

Tallgrass, an energy infrastructure company, has entered into an agreement with ADM. 

The agreement would allow for Tallgrass' natural gas pipeline, Trailblazer, to be converted, providing CO2 transportation from ADM's corn-processing complex in Columbus, Nebraska. The carbon dioxide would then be stored in Tallgrass' Eastern Wyoming Sequestration Hub for underground storage. 

For the agreement, Tallgrass would need to convert ~400-miles of its natural gas pipeline into producing 10-million-ton CO2 from Trailblazer, which runs through Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska. 

Tallgrass also is planning its own CO2 sequestration hub in eastern Wyoming, which would be operational in 2024.

Costs for the pipeline project or sequestration hub have not been disclosed. 

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