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Bloomberg Reports British Diamond LNG Tanker Headed to Sabine; MarineTraffic Does Not Confirm 5/29/2020

Bloomberg issued a report this morning that the British Diamond LNG Tanker was set to load in Belgium and then head to Sabine Pass LNG for delivery on June 12. 2020.  

Looking into MarineTraffic expected arrivals, this news has not yet been confirmed.  We currently see four vessels which list Sabine Pass as their destination, with the latest arriving on June 12, 2020 (Marvel Hawk.) This is all subject to change, so we will continue to monitor.

The ship currently lists Belgium as its destination with a planned arrival this morning.  Once it docks, the destination could shift to Sabine Pass.

Petrobras Granting Other Producers Access to Processing Facilities in a Step Towards Open Markets 5/29/2020

Petrobras is reportedly planning to allow competitors access to their onshore natural gas processing facilities in a push to opening up market access in the nation. This follows the signing of a July 2019 antitrust agreement.

Phase 1 will allow firms to purchase processing capacity for active production fields and the second phase will make all other processing capacities available to other interested entities.  International firms will now be allowed to sell gas directly into the Brazilian market rather than just selling to Petrobras.  

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