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Proteus and Endymion Pipelines Transport First Oil from Shell's Appomattox Floating Production System 5/24/2019

In the Gulf of Mexico, the Proteus and Endymion oil pipelines commenced transporting increased volumes of crude oil from the startup of Shell's Appomattox floating production system via the newly commissioned Mattox pipeline.

Valero Energy Faces Lawsuit From Trio of Environmental and Citizen's Groups for Port Arthur Refinery Clean Air Act Violations 5/24/2019

Valero Energy is reportedly facing a federal lawsuit from a trio of environmental and citizen's groups for violations of the federal Clean Air Act at its Port Arthur refinery. The groups have notified Valero of the pending suit, representing the first step in pursuing action under the Clean Air Act, in response to compliance records filed by Valero revealing its facility has released 1.8 million pounds of pollutants from 600 air emissions violations over five years. The groups could seek $60 million or more in penalties against the Company.

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