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Air Products Developing $4.5B Blue Hydrogen Plant in Louisiana - Will Produce >750 Mmcf/d 10/15/2021

Air Products and the State of Louisiana have jointly announced plans to develop a $4.5 billion clean energy complex within the state.  Air Products will build a 750 Mmcf/d blue hydrogen production plant in Ascension Parish, LA.  They defined blue products as those which "are produced utilizing hydrocarbons as a feedstock, with the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the production process captured for permanent sequestration."  Commercial operation is targeted for 2026

Part of the produced hydrogen will flow into Air Products Gulf Coast pipeline network, which runs 700 miles from Galveston to New Orleans.  That network currently supplies 1.6 Bcf/d via 25 production facilities.  

The remainder of production will be utilized to create blue ammonia that can be transported globally and converted back into blue hydrogen. 

Lastly, the megaproject also includes developing the world's largest CO2 capture facility.  95% of produced CO2 will be captured and stored underground within the state, or >5 Mtpa.  Air Products already secured approval for the sequestration.  

Kosmos Energy Acquires Additional Interest in Ghana Assets for $550MM 10/14/2021

Kosmos Energy has purchased an additional stake in several Ghana offshore fields from Occidental Petroleum for $550 million.  The deal included an 18% stake in the Jubilee Field and an 11% interest in the  TEN fields.  The deal adds +17 Mboe/d in production to Kosmos' existing stake, along with 100 Mmboe in 2P reserves.  

The Jubilee field is currently producing at 80 Mbbl/d, and the partners plan to grow it back towards 100 Mboe/d in the next 2-3 years. 

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