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EIA Reports Texas is Adding +10 GW in Solar Through 2022, Accounting for 1/3 of All US Newbuilds 4/21/2021

The EIA reported that Texas developers are currently planning an estimated 10 GW of utility-scale solar development through year-end 2022, which accounts for 1/3 of all solar generation being installed nationwide.   This will include 4.6 GW in forecast additions in 2021 and 5.4 GW in 2022, rising from the 2.5 GW added in 2020.

Checking out our internal database for the EIA 860 report, we can see the projections for the new generation through 2025. Within the South Central Region, there are about 6-7 GW of solar projects either under construction or permitted and another 5-6 GW planned and in the approvals process.

Meanwhile, the region has approx. 8-10 GW in wind generation under development currently through 2022, and another 2 GW proposed.

Dominion Energy Making Early Investments Into Hydrogen Use; Blending It Into Gas Distribution Stream 4/20/2021

Dominion Energy has issued a press release detailing its focus on hydrogen as part of the global push for clean energy.  They are making early investments into pilot projects that would blend hydrogen into their gas distribution systems. Dominion is also researching using the fuel for electricity, renewable storage, transport and manufacturing.

The first pilot project is in Utah where they are testing a 5% blending of hydrogen to see how it works in gas lines and appliances before introducing it into a 1 million customer system across Utah.  They also proposed a similar project in North Carolina.  

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