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Israel & UAE Deepen Relationship with New Crude Pipeline Deal to Link Red Sea to Mediterranean Sea 10/20/2020

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have signed a prelim deal to transport crude oil from the UAE to Europe via a pipeline that would connect the Red Sea city of Eilat in Israel with the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon.  That route would serve as a land bridge between the two bodies of water and would be an alternate route versus the Suez Canal.  

The line would be built out by Israeli state-owned Europe Asia Pipeline Co (EPAC) which signed an MoU with MED-RED Land Bridge, a firm with Israeli and Emirati ownership.  Supplies could begin in 2021 and would be worth $700-$800 million over several years. 

Golar Seal LNG Tanker Moving Into Calcasieu Ship Channel, First Ship Since October 5, 2020 10/20/2020

The Golar Seal LNG Tanker seems to be moving into the Calcasieu Bar Channel after news broke that the Lake Charles Pilots would be permitting a single tanker to enter today.  This would mark the first tanker arrival at Cameron LNG since October 5, 2020.

The ship has a current draft of 30.8-ft and is the shallowest running boat of the three currently offshore listing Cameron as a destination.  If loaded to the max, the ship would have a 38.7-ft draft, but they will likely fill it to 36-ft to meet port restrictions once it  makes its egress.

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