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Cheniere Signs 20-Year LNG SPA with Foran Energy for 0.3 Mtpa 11/29/2021

Cheniere has signed a new binding 20-year LNG sales and purchase agreement with China's Foran Energy Group, solidifying a heads of agreement signed in November 2020.  The LNG SPA covers 0.3 Mtpa in cargoes starting in January 2023.

Canada Energy Regulator Denies Enbridge's Proposed Long-Term Contracting for Canadian Mainline 11/29/2021

The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) has decided not to approve Enbridge's proposal for long-term transportation contracts on the Canadian Mainline Pipeline.  They cited that " the proposal would have caused a foundational shift in oil transportation, leaving less than 20 percent of total pipeline capacity out of Western Canada for monthly oil shipments."

Going forward, the system will continue flowing 100% uncommitted capacity for all shippers, moving >3 MMbbl/d in petroleum to market.  

The CER also said that the change to a long-term contracting model would not meet the CER Acr's common carrier obligations.  

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