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TransMontaigne Partners L.P.

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TransMontaigne Partners L.P. (NYSE: TLP) is a terminaling and transportation master limited partnership providing integrated terminaling, storage, transportation and related services for customers engaged in the distribution and marketing of petroleum products, crude oil, chemicals, fertilizers and other liquid products.


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Investor Presentations

Company Transactions

Date: 11/19/2021
Type: Acquisition

TransMontaigne Partners has closed on the purchase of SeaPort Financing from ArcLight Energy Partners. SeaPort's assets include "significant operations across the renewable fuels supply chain in the U.S. Pacific Northwest."
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Date: 9/30/2019
    Type: Acquisition

    NGL Energy Partners has entered into a deal to sell TransMontaigne Product Services for $300 million to a strategic buyer.
  • United States
  • Date: 3/31/2019
    Type: Merger


    COST: 536 $MM

    TransMontaigne Partners ("TMP") reported their plans to merge with TLP Acquisition Holdings. TLP will acquire all of the outstanding common units of TransMontaigne at a price of $41.00 per common unit, for a transaction value of $536 million. The merger is anticipated to close in 1Q19.

    Date: 12/31/2018
    Type: Acquisition

    ArcLight Energy Partners Fund, VI, LP, via their subsidiary TLP Acquisition Holdings, has made a non-binding offer to acquire all common units of TransMontaigne Partners for a $38.00 in cash per unit.

    Date: 1/1/2018
    Type: Acquisition

    Date: 2/15/2016
    Type: Acquisition

    In February 2016, ArcLight Energy Partners Fund VI indirectly acquired 100% of our general partner for $350 million in cash from NGL Energy Partners (NGL) TLP’s GP – holds 2% GP interest and 100% of IDRs (currently in “high-splits”).