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Phillips 66

Company Summary


The Phillips 66 Company is an American multinational energy company headquartered in Westchase, Houston, Texas. It debuted as an independent energy company when ConocoPhillips executed a spin-off of its downstream and midstream assets.


Financial Data:

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  • PSX - New York Stock Exchange

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Firm Transport Commitments

Project: Bayway Lateral Project
Firm Commitment: 150,000 Dth/d

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Company Transactions

Date: 4/15/2022
Type: Acquisition

  • Phillips 66
    Phillips 66 (PSX) has entered into an agreement to acquire all publicly held common unites of Phillips 66 Partners (PSXP) that they do not already own. The plan will close in the first quarter of 2022 via an all-stock transaction at a fixed exchange ratio of 0.50 OSX shares for each PSXP common unit.

    Date: 2/24/2020
    Type: Acquisition

  • Phillips 66
  • Liberty Pipeline

    COST: 75 $MM

    Phillips 66 Partners has acquired a 50% interest in the Liberty Pipeline from Phillips 66 for $75 million. They will fund the deal with cash on hand and the credit facility.
  • Bakken
  • Cushing Oil Terminal
  • Date: 10/2/2017
    Type: Acquisition

    Phillips 66 Partners has entered into a deal to acquire a 25% stake in Dakota Access, LLC and Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company and a 100% interest in Merey Sweeny, LP from Phillips 66. The acquisition has a transactional value of $2.4 billion, which includes the assumption of $625 million in Bakken Pipeline debt and $100 million in Merey Sweeny related debt. The deal is set to close in early October 2017.
  • Rockies
  • Gulf Coast
  • Date: 10/11/2016
    Type: Acquisition

    Phillips 66 Partners has reached an agreement to buy 30 crude, refined products and natural gas liquids logistics assets for a total consideration of $1.3 billion from Phillips 66.
  • United States