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Port of Corpus Christi CEO, Sean Strawbridge, Ensures Port will be Ready to Handle New Influx of Permian Crude

By Criterion Research
August 13, 2019 -

The CEO of the Port of Corpus Christi, Sean Strawbridge, ensured his operation is ready to handle the new influx of Permian crude oil headed his way as a collection of new high-capacity crude pipeline projects are completed over the coming 6 to 12 months. Strawbridge voiced frustration over rumors his Port's expansion and improvement efforts are lagging and that various facilities and project will be unable to handle the new volumes.  

"Nothing could be further from the truth,"  Strawbridge stated, "We are not ‘leaning on the rake,’ if that’s what people are thinking. We’ve got dredgers in the water, they’ve been working pretty much all of this year to deepen and widen the ship channel. From a deepening standpoint, we will have the deepest port channel in the entire U.S. gulf. We are building-out to have nominal [peak] capacity of in excess of 5 million barrels per day. That would be the capacity for crude exports alone."

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