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QEP Resources Details "Tank-Style" Development Program in Midland Basin

April 26, 2018

By James Bevan @Company Website

QEP Resources started off 2018 by announcing their plans to shift to a pure-play Permian Basin focused company.  This was coupled with plans to divest assets in the Williston Basin, Haynesville/Cotton Valley Shale and the Uinta Basin throughout 2018 and 2019.  As a result, QEP is now diverting capital from those to-be-sold basins and into the Permian to enable the start of full-field development (much like other companies in the region.)  The have coined their strategy in the Permian the "Tank-Style" development program.

This strategy essentially allows QEP to access multiple stacked reservoir layers via a single surface location, allowing for advanced completion designs. The multi-layer approach is not new, but QEP went a step farther in describing their use of a "Pressure Wall" to separate producing wells from completing wells and a "Buffer" to cut down on the interference between completed and the drilling wells.  The graphic below is from QEP's investor deck and explains these two concepts.  

This has several benefits, broken down as follows:

Above Ground

  • Maximizes surface equipment utilization & efficiency
  • Allows for use of multiple drilling rigs to cut down on cycle time and allow for services to be shared
  • Cost savings from recycled water, reduced well site facility costs and pipeline costs

Below Ground

  • Maximizes production & EUR
  • Maintains reservoir pressure during completion operations
  • Minimizes well interference and shut-in times for offset wells already on production

With the implementation of this approach, QEP boosted first quarter 2018 production out of the Permian to 30.9 Mboe/d, which was an 11% sequential growth.  QEP was also able to turn-in-line of 31 net wells during the quarter, coming in above the guidance of 18 net wells.  QEP now expects to bring online 9 more wells in the Permian Basin than they originally planned for the year.

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  • QEP Steps Up Well Cadence During 1Q18; 31 Wells Placed Online Instead of Planned 18 Wells

    April 26, 2018 - QEP Resources reported that during the first quarter of 2018 they began ramping up well deliveries through faster drill times and a step-change in frac completions per month. This resulted in the turn-in-line of 31 net wells during the quarter, coming in above the guidance of 18 net wells. QEP now expects to bring online 9 more wells in the Permian Basin than they originally planned for the year.
  • QEP Diverts Capital from Other Regions to Fund Full-Field Development in Permian Basin

    April 26, 2018 - QEP Resources has reallocated capital from the Williston Basin & Haynesville/Cotton Valley assets for the rest of 2018 to fund their full field development of the Permian Basin. Their Permian acreage is now in full development mode and QEP is implementing the tank-style completion methodology to boost efficiency.
  • QEP Resources Running Four Permian Basin Rigs for Remainder of 2018; Releasing Rigs Other Regions

    April 26, 2018 - QEP Resources reported that for the remainder of 2018 they intend to run an average of four rigs in the Permian Basin after releasing one rig in May 2018. The four rigs are forecast to aid in the completion of 104 net operated wells during the year. QEP will also rig release one rig (0.5 net) in the Haynesville/Cotton Valley Shale in May 2018. They already released the one-quarter rig they were running in the Williston Basin as of April 2018. Despite the released rigs, QEP still intends to complete 28 refracs in the two regions during 2018.
  • QEP Aiming to Divest Williston & Uinta Basin Assets by 2H18; Data Rooms Now Open

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