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Criterion is expecting U.S. crude oil production to grow by more than 1,300 Mbbl/d in 2018. As expected, a large portion of that growth will stem from the Permian Basin as companies continue to pour capital into the region. Criterion has also noted a shift towards fiscal responsibility in the Permian Basin, with many of the top producers aiming for cash flow neutrality in 2018. Get all the details on regional production forecasts, company spending and development plans and the latest midstream projects in our latest crude oil production outlook. A sample report from December 2017 is linked on the right side of this page, reach out to us for the most recent update!

Key Report Elements

  1. Regional Production Forecasts
  2. Company-by-Company Production & Capital Spending Forecasts
  3. Key U.S. Midstream Projects Analysis
  4. Long Term Supply & Demand Overview